Thunk Tank Podcast

A professor, a brewer, and a musician podcast about science, history, and other craft-beer fueled hilarity. You know, the important things. Dive on in!


Thunk Tank Podcast and Blog

Our podcast consists of a writer (Joe), a musician (Luke), and a homebrewer (Johnny). Our mission is to drink craft beer, have interesting discussions, and remember to hit record.

In addition to podcasting, we also like to develop our ideas through writing blog posts. While the podcast is our chance to drink craft beer and cover a topic in a silly way (or as we like to say “thunky”), the blog allows us to develop certain topics with more depth.

Do you have a blog post idea and want to guest post it on our website? Reach out to us with a draft or an idea and we will definitely consider it!

Luke also contributes to various publications over at the website Medium, so be sure to check out those posts here.

And Joe has launched a podcast of his own, so be sure to check that out: Professor Labs Podcast

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