Thunk Tank Podcast Episode 39- Why You Should Travel

In this episode of the Thunk Tank Podcast, we talked all about our travel experiences. We have all been to many places over the years, and within the past few months we have had some especially interesting trips to places such as Turkey, Germany, Amsterdam, and London.

I believe traveling, especially to different countries, can be one of the more important experiences one can have in this life. It is one of the few things that can force you to leave your comfort zone and genuinely see life from a different perspective. We tend get so stuck in our normal routines that we forget the zoomed out sense of what it means to be human. When we force ourselves to spend time in a totally different place with a different language and culture, we get rewarded with a much more fulfilling view of the world and the human beings living in it. In order for human beings to build a working society, there are obviously many challenges that need to be worked out. These can be practical issues such as city planning and public transportation, or they can be deeper issues such as how to deal with death and tragedy. Traveling around the world to different places allows you to discover, as a direct experience, that there are many solutions to these challenges. Of course travel documentaries and shows can be a great way to get introduced to many different places. I particularly love those of Anthony Bourdain. But there is no replacement for actually being there in person and experiencing the energy and vibe of a place.

Doing this episode on travel made me go through some pictures from these recent trips. Although I think it’s definitely important while traveling to be in the present moment and really take in your environment, I do think that it is worth taking at least a few pictures of everything you do. Don’t obsess and don’t interrupt natural moments. Just take lots of pictures and hope that some of them are worth saving. Our memories are really feeble, and it’s easy to forget some of the amazing things that you might have done on a trip. I often find myself going through old pictures on my phone during random moments and smiling as certain memories come back with full detail. I’ll put some of my favorite pictures below so that you can check them out. Click on each image gallery to expand to the full size pictures.

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  • These first few pictures show the view from the “Galata Kulesi” or Galata Tower. Built originally as Constantinople’s Tower of Christ in 1348, it is a popular tourist destination with beautiful views of Istanbul.

  • A really special aspect of Istanbul is its cats, or kediler in turkish. Whether in the streets or in a cafe, they roam around everywhere and bring a really peaceful energy to the city.

There is a really great documentary about the cats in Istanbul called “Kedi”. Do yourself a favor and watch the short preview below. It shows the magestic quality of these cats with truly beautiful shots of Istanbul.


  • Westminster Abbey. Probably my best advice, as I said on the podcast, is to have a few beers with lunch and then go visit one of the amazing museums in London. My favorite, pictured below, was the British Museum.
The British Museum lobby

I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture I took around one year ago while in Colorado. The energy of a city can be amazing, but going on an epic hike in the kind of nature that Colorado offers is something on a different level. This picture was taken on a hike to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. The elevation of the trail is approximately 9500 feet, and the mountain peaks above you go another few thousand feet higher. It really feels like you are in the heavens. Here it is even more true that a picture cannot even compare to being there in person.

Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Trailhead elevation 9475 feet.

Thanks for reading/listening, and I’d love to hear about some of the amazing places that you all have enjoyed.

-Luke from Thunk Tank Podcast

If you enjoy our blog/podcast, I hope you’ll consider supporting us on Patreon by clicking here.