A stunning and “revealing” piece by Thunk Tank Podcast’s very own Professor Labs. To aliens or not to aliens? That is a question!

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Ah…spring is finally in the air. As I approach this time every semester when I begin discussing the paramount value – both academically and personally – of how to research and assess “evidence” with my students, I’m reminded of how increasingly complicated starting such rigorous work can be today, and will only become more so tomorrow.

This revolutionary factor I refer to is, of course, our modern era Wild West: the Internet.

While the Internet provides countless resources, studies, and other data, so too arises the muck and malignancy of either erroneous or misappropriated information. With so much good and bad to work with, how do we decide which is which?

Luckily, I have one recent example of quality information – along with my well-reasoned analysis. When I came across these photos (obviously – as I’ll explain in a moment – leaked NASA photos of Mars), you can imagine my…

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